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I want to have my table shipped outside the Netherlands

Please let me know where you would like the table to go and I’ll come back to you very soon. Please be aware that shipping outside the Netherland brings about an additional charge (depending on preferred location)

Who does the assembling of the table

We will assemble the table before we head off to our headquarters again. If the table needs to go higher than ground level, we might ask for your assistance.

Free shipping? U are kidding me!

Within the Netherlands your table will be shipped at no extra charge. As soon as we know the exact date of delivery, we will call to make an appointment that will fit your schedule. Your table will be assembled by us before we leave you.

I have a business to business related question

Are you a professional interior- or contract designer ? Please come by in our showroom to view all possibilities. There are many many options using (semi-) solid materials, refined plywood etc. etc.

I have seen that prices per unit can fluctuate over time

Yes, that is possible. We purchase woods from various parts in the world, amongst other places the United States. Due to the currently unsatisfying euro-value to the dollar, e.g. American Walnut becomes more expensive. Once you will place an order though, the price you have paid remains fixed. Once prices will turn to the better we will adjust the prices tags in your advantage

When do I pay

One is obliged to make a full payment upon ordering

How do I pay

Payment methods we facilitate are (1) Direct bank transfer, (2) Paypal, (3) iDeal and (4) MisterCash. In the case of a successful payment, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order and the fact that we will start the production process. In case of a customized table, we send you an estimate. If approved we aks a 50% down payment which can be completed through direct bank transfer.

My table is scratched and/or dented on the surface

Oepsydaisy! But don’t worry. Oil is very easy in repairing; one just takes some on a rag and rubs it in. Semi- and high gloss varnishes become very hard on the surface and therefore are more sensitive to possible scratches. Repairing after a couple of years is absolutely possible but more costly then when using oil

How do I clean the tables

All tables, independent of finishing methods, can be daily cleaned using a medium-hot kitchen-soap. For oiled tables, one can use linseed oil seep for extra cleaning. Please use 1o ml. to 1 liter medium hot water and spray it on your table. Let it rest for 10 minutes and dry your table with dry kitchen cloths. If this doesn’t work out then your dirt is just too old and sticky!

If you need any more advice, don’t hesitate to give us an e-mail.

When will my table be ready

Currently you must have to wait 6 weeks before your table will be delivered

I can not choose having too may choices

I am delighted to show you different variations of our products. Send me an e-mail and we’ll pick a date

I want to see the table before I make a decision

I am delighted to show you around in my workshop in Amsterdam. Send me an e-mail and we’ll pick a date

I am interested in a wood species that is currently not part of your offer

If so, pease send me an email or call me directly on my mobile. We will make an appointment and together we can explore what makes a smooth new table. Please be aware that not all of the species that we provide are in the product-gallery and -selection. As far as it goed for solid (in Dutch: massief) materials, our offer currently consists of African Iroko, African Limba Bariolé, American Cherry, American Walnut, Asian Teak, European Oak, European Walnut.

Talking about refined plywood we hook on to the latest developments of so many suppliers such as Shinokki, Kaindl, Alpi etc. to give an insight. We would love to hear your ideas on what’s pretty so please let us know!

I would like a different accent color

No problem, I would love to hear other people’s view on what’s pretty. Provide me a color-interpretation of any kind we will work something out together

Which finishing should I choose

Choosing the type of finish is simply a matter of taste. They differ in their gloss-rate namely and ‘natural feeling’. Gloss rates range from low (oil) to medium and high. Depending on your taste, oil has a more natural appearance and tends to feel that way too when touching the surface. All finishes are from high quality liquids used both inside and outside for floorings as well as for staircases. No need to worry about that

I can’t find prices for all types of wood

Our offer consists of more than a 1000 different structures, colors and patterns. Please send an email depicting what you fancy (images are more then welcome) and I will produce a fresh estimate

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