DDW 2017 – Breaking The Cycle – Designing Value Retention

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How to break the linear furniture consumerism cycle? Designing value retention.

The Ultimate Goal

To produce furniture out of natural and recycled material as a competitive alternative to the current linear way of furniture consumption. We believe a truly sustainable world is created through 100% closed production cycles. Therefore our only goal is to design products with a material value retention at the highest possible level.

Our quest is to create a product solution that will eliminate the depletion of ‘new’ natural resources in furniture making. At the same time, our alternative should be economically viable, that is, production costs should be no higher than those of conventional (linear) produced furniture. The production of the closed-loop products must, at last, be scalable.

As said, value retention is at the core of this project. We make use of a technique called bio-cycle recycling. That is the re-use of bio-fibers in the same production process. At the end of the product lifecycle, the same amount of material can be re-used to product new furniture pieces. And the recycled bio-fibers are as strong and workable as the initial resource. At last, there is just one waste-flow which is pure and uncontaminated.


Breaking The Cycle Designing Value Retention

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