The furniture industry is a polluting industry and the depletion of our resources is real. More and more cheap low quality furniture is brought to the masses and it’s destined to be used only once, hence the further depletion. The use of cheap synthetics and/or toxic chemicals prohibit proper recycling. New waste is created by the day.

Built upon the latest bio-tech developments in the industry, we at Pim Dekkers take up the challenge to design furniture with the highest possibly retention of its value. We make design furniture from Dutch grass- and plantspecies, cellulose, agricultural waste or coconut!

We will sustain a furniture label which does not undermine the environmental challenges of our time. We say no to the further depletion of resources. We take responsibility for the resources we use because we recognize its inherent value.

Together we can break down current mechanisms of environmental inequality. Feel free to subscribe or follow us on social media and spread the word around you.

Warm regards,

Pim Dekkers

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