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Key words: (1) Circular Economy, (2) Doughnut economics, (3) Bio-recycling, (4) Design For Disassembly, (5) Scalable, (6) Disrubtive.

Beloved circular community,

This is a message from my heart and I hope it finds you in good order. This outreach is about my real passion furniture design and the desire to disrupt the furniture industry.


Few of you would probably know, but in most aspects the furniture industry is an ever polluting industry. First off, the depletion of our resources is real. More and more cheap low quality furniture is brought to the masses and it’s destined to be used only once, hence the further depletion. Secondly, the use of cheap synthetics and/or toxic chemicals prohibit proper recycling. Once furniture is labelled waste, it stays waste and ultimately lands in combustion furnaces.


Inspired by the latest insights on the circular economy, we take up the challenge to design furniture with the highest possibly retention of its value. In cooperation with two expert-companies in the Netherlands, we are now able to provide a scalable product that is made from fast growing local plants and can be re-made into furniture after its first use. By maintaining a valuable resource within a conventional supply chain, we simply don’t create waste anymore. ‘Waste’ is in fact a valuable new resource. To support this claim, we state a lively promise that we will buy back the furniture we have sold, might it for whatever reason, not serve its function anymore.


The first goal is to execute of chair-design for home and office and get it production ready by the end of Q2 2018. To pay for the molds, R&D and a kick-ass marketing campaign, I am aiming to raise 100K USD. Further investments for a product line will be paid from the expected revenues off the product. For further information on the business model we would like to get in contact with you.


Arrangements for participation (e.g. convertible bonds) can be made with interested parties. Get in contact here of give us a call at (+31) 06 45 78 45 69. Further insights on the business model and designs can be retrieved after further acquaintance and the signing of an NDA.

We dearly hope to get in contact with like-minded entrepreneurs. For references please have a look here.

Warm regards,

Pim Dekkers

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