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May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears (Nelson Mandela)

Hi there, thanks for reaching out!

You would probably expect something about my company written down here, how we operate, that I love what I do, that the products we sell only consist of the best and most unique materials. Yes, it is all very true and yes I have all that written down somewhere.

But today I want to share my dream with you. A dream that evolved over time: during my studies, travels and professional career. I learned what is justified and right in life and what is not. How in some situations, the one person is better qualified or better equipped than the other. That life is a continuing search to who one is and what makes one happy.

I have always realized that I am blessed with many opportunities in life. With my dear family and friends. With the fact that I am blessed with a healthy brain and body. With the fact that I was born in the Netherlands where guaranteed social security and welfare exists. No wars and no violence, only temporary struggles in a world full of first world problems. We should not just care about ourselves, but also for those around us. Including the ones we might not know.

“Why?” would one ask. There is a straightforward answer to it. In life you must know, “me” is non-existent. There is no “me” without you. And there is no “me” without us. We help each other develop ourselves in life, through direct and indirect contacts and events. Through social contacts, education, travels, readings, interests etc. etc.. Us is what made us, us is what keeps us going and eventually shapes us further as a person. But if our lives depend so heavily on the existence of others, then why should we not make sure we all benefit through equal participation in society.

My dream is to build an empire of social businesses, geared towards creating a fully inclusive workforce. A workforce in which (e.g.) refugees take up again the expertise from before they fled their country. Helping them regaining self awareness and self confidence. Focussing on participation rather than exclusion (this is not the same as a corporate social responsibility program ‘on the side’ by the way). Together we can then break down current mechanisms of social inequality.

I am fully aware I am far away from the above. But dreams are to be built step by step. Furniture designing and -making is my way to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is my way to give body to my vision.

I have started out designing and producing tables. Hope you like them. If you do, please join me on my journey. Feel free to subscribe, follow  us on social media and/or spread the word around you.

In the meantime, take care.

Pim Dekkers


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