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The past months we have been busy developing a new table called Chameleon. With great success we have presented the table for the very first moment at Design District Zaandam, first of June.

At the start of the design process, there were three main focal points for us; (1) design a table which can be used in more than one space, suitable for more then one use. And (2) design a table of which the ecological footprint is minimized as much as possible, but still is interpreted as a full solid table. And of course, (3), the aesthetics of the table should maximize the social element of the table.

(1) As an integral part of the table, we have added an interchangeable colorful accent. The material seamlessly fits the wooden structure of the table top and as said, it is interchangeable with the use of magnets. One can you choose the right color at first and has the opportunity to ‘refurbish’ the table at any moment, e.g. with (internal) office removals or a blistering party! The material we have used for the accent is called Hi Macs Solid Surface and is a sort of composite, available in various colors.

(2) To minimize the ecological footprint, we have chosen to work with a combination of solid wood and sheet material. For the latter following a Mixed Match solution, very close to a full solid appearance. Slight differences in color between the solid and sheet material is eliminated when finishing the table with an ultra protective and ultra satin finish. It just looks all the same.

(3) The table is slightly curved on all sides. When sitting around it, all people are gently forced to look at each other. Together with that there is the possibility to sit around the table, including the short ends. Ideal for meetings or large family dinners.

Whether you are a professional or a consumer, the Chameleon provides all the design elements to perfectly fit the table in any interior! There are various sizes available and power- and/or multi media solutions are available upon request.

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